Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Olympus EP-L2

We got a shipment of the new Olympus EP-L2 cameras in, charged up the battery, and took some test shots. It's a good thing we got them when we did-- our Philly locations are all closed because of their foul weather, while up here in Buffalo we're basking in our sunny 29-degree weather. (Isn't it funny how in the depths of January 32 degrees seems so eerily warm?)

Here's a pair of test shots. The subject is a pointsettia plant gifted to the Transit Rd store for the 2009 season, which has survived over a full year and is, somewhat tardily, slowly starting to bloom again. (Did you know those things were perennials? I did! I've been feeding it coffee. Yes really. If it dies, we have nothing to take pictures of.)
Both shot in JPG, high quality, on the P setting. (By my lovely and talented associate Sarah.)

Compared with the EP-L2:

The EP-L2 is redesigned, with a moderately smaller body and a significantly smaller lens. It's still a kit 14-40, but it's much smaller and smoother in operation. It focuses faster, too.
Sarah preferred the EP-L1 still; its in-camera image processing gives a sharper, more vividly-colored image, while the 2 yielded a softer, brighter picture in identical settings. But we haven't tried out the video or subjected it to any kind of rigorous testing yet, so the jury's still out. (We can't video a pointsettia plant. It's really not very interesting. The only thing interesting about Transit Rd. is the traffic, and we're not going to go play in traffic for your amusement!)

The best thing to do is to come down to one of our Buffalo stores, which are open because we have nice weather, and check it out for yourself!

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