Tuesday, March 22, 2011

spring update

Two quick things. We got an update from Nikon, that most of their facilities are expected to resume production this week. (They sent out a press release, which you can find here.) Unfortunately they did experience a few personal tragedies, and our heart goes out to the families of the lost.
They went on to say,
Even after operation resumes, we have a concern that the situation may happen where our production cannot fully satisfy our customers’ requirement due to inability of full swing production caused by problems such as the planned blackouts of electricity and procurement of components from our business partners. While we will do our utmost effort to overcome such expected difficulties, we will be most grateful if our customers could understand such circumstances.
It's safe to say that the world of camera manufacturing may look a little different for a while, and we hope shortages don't have an adverse affect. Most of all, however, we send our continued sympathies to the people of Japan affected by the tragedy.

But, life continues apace, and the best thing we can do is keep living it. So for a little more cheerful note to end this, we're continuing our film developing and print scanning specials.
Life is too fleeting not to preserve your memories, your personal history, your family's moments. Turn those mystery negatives into pictures; turn those pictures into digital files you can share with the extended family.
So, until March 31st, a reminder:
Up to 1200 prints in a shoebox, scanned to CD for $99.
$1 to develop, $3 develop and CD, $5 develop and prints for color film, minimum of 3 rolls

Bring 'em in. The time is now. And enjoy spring. It's been a long, gloomy winter, and we're ready to celebrate life and sunshine and healing.

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